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Fluid Dynamics

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Miniature Laser Doppler Velocimeter - miniLDV 1D

Last updated 2020-04-10 06:24:03

Specialized in miniaturized optical sensors with three universal characteristics: minimum size, minimum weight, and minimum power consumption. We offer a complete line of Laser Doppler Velocimetry systems with unequaled compactness and ease of use.
In a laser doppler velocimeter, two coherent laser beams are crossed (forming the probe volume) to generate interference fringes. When a particle or microscopically textured surface move through this region, it reflects bursts of light corresponding to its passage through the regions of constructive interference. Since the spacing between the fringes is constant, the velocity of the particle or surface is proportional to the frequency of the reflected bursts. Also features frequency shifting (moving fringes) to measure direction as well as speed. The LDV sensor has a measurement range from 1 mm/sec to 300 m/sec with a repeatability uncertainty of 0.1% and an accuracy of 99.7%

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Miniature Laser Doppler Velocimeter - miniLDV 2D

Last updated 2020-04-10 06:25:56

The 2D miniLDV is essentially two independent miniLDV probes aligned perpendicularly to each other in a common housing with a common optical path for both components. The coincident measurement domains of the two components makes this a true 2D probe.
A 2D miniLDV System can also be constructed from two miniLDV probes so that they may also be used independently as single-component probes. If the standard probes do not suit your needs, feel free to contact us and inquire about our custom solutions.

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Miniature Laser Doppler Velocimeter - miniLDV 3D

Last updated 2020-04-10 06:25:34

The standard 3D miniLDV System consists of three miniLDV probes in a custom-designed alignment bracket, three Processing Engine hardware processors with USB interface, and the 3D Burst Processor Acquisition Manager software, which synchronizes the three systems and calculates 3D measurement statistics.
The 3D miniLDV is a modular design consisting of three fully independent systems, so it is perfect for research facilities with a variety of experimental projects. (Contact us regarding custom systems comprised of a single miniLDV system and a 2D miniLDV system.)

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Boundary layer profilometry - microPro

Last updated 2020-04-02 05:01:27

The microPro was designed specifically to fill a gap in boundary layer profilometry. The microPro probe contains a laser, miniature beam shaping optics, receiving optics, detection system, and an electronic traverse.
With the integral electronic traverse, the probe volume can be moved through the thickness of the boundary layer, providing a direct measurement of its velocity profile. In addition, the software can perform a fit of the profile and, given the viscosity, calculate the shear stress at the wall.

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Last updated 2020-04-10 06:24:52

The ultraLDV is the first of the next-generation probes from MSE featuring an all-inclusive probe body, proprietary hardware processor (Processing Engine) with USB interface, laser, and receiving optics and electronics.

The ultraLDV features larger receiver optics and ultra-stable frequency shifting. It was designed from the beginning for extremely high stability and precision, making it ideal for measuring small velocity disturbances in flows.

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Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP)

Last updated 2020-04-22 07:28:18

Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP) is a measurement technique based on ultrasound Doppler, to acquire velocity profiles of liquid flows.By mean of narrow-beam transducers, the UVP system releases ultrasound pulses in the studied liquid, which are reflected by flowing particles, solid or gas. Comparing both emitted and received acoustic signals, shifted in frequency due to the Doppler effect, the liquid velocity can by evaluated at various distances on the transducer measuring axis.
The instruments using this technique, Ultrasonic Velocity Profilers (UVP), can be seen as a kind of sonar combined with speed camera techniques.Each connected transducer measures a 1D velocity profile on its own axis. A combination of several transducers provides 2D or 3D maps of the studied flow, controlled and synchronized by one single UVP instrument.As ultrasound travels in most liquids, both transparent and opaque liquid flows can be measured.

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Miniature Water Tunnel

Last updated 2020-04-22 06:12:55

FlowLab is a state-of-the-art miniature water tunnel and an excellent complement to MSE’s optical flow sensors. The entire system measures 52″ (1320mm) wide, 22″ (560mm) deep, and 35 ” (890mm) tall and includes a 1/3 hp submersible pump that can push water through the 2-inch-square (50mm) test section at up to approximately 1 meter per second (40 gallons per minute). A dye injection system is built-in.
FlowLab was designed with versatility in mind. The plenum (return section) and 24-inch-long test section are user-removable. The standard flowLab package includes a Wier plenum (which allows optical access upstream from the return side) and a test section with a removable circular plug – a blank plug, a brass cylinder, and a stainless steel airfoil are part of the package. Optional test sections include an axisymmetric jet, a flat plate, and a hydraulic jump*.
The flowLab Facility includes the flowLab water tunnel and a miniLDV System and / or a miniPIV System for a complete fluids study or demonstration package.

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Mie-scattering-based particle sizer and counter

Last updated 2020-04-22 06:17:22

Originally developed for the field, the miniPCS System is a self-contained, battery-operated Mie-scattering-based particle sizer and counter capable of measuring particles from 0.5 to 1000 μm in densities in excess of 10,000 per cubic centimeter. No external acquisition hardware is required; a computer is used simply as an interface to view the processed data output of the system.
The acquisition hardware features a differential logarithmic amplifier and 14-bit digitization which give the miniPCS unprecedented dynamic range and resolution and make it impervious to fluctuations in illumination. Data is recorded onto an MMC memory card. On-board GPS records the sensor’s position and time, and the wireless transmitter/receiver can be used for off-board triggering and life monitoring.

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Ultrasonic velocimetry

Last updated 2020-04-22 07:41:58

Ultrasonic velocimetry was adapted for research laboratories, first in nuclear physics measuring flows of opaque liquid metals. Given the very promising results and the new type of spatio-temporal data obtained, UVP measurement method quickly spread to other areas of research, such as environmental hydraulic and food process. In parallel with its standard laboratory instrument, Met-Flow has regularly developed tailor-made products for specific use, for instance for the aerospace and hydraulic industries.
Typical applications:
Turbulence, thermal convection, multiphase flows, Tailor-Couette flows, instabilities, chaos, bubble flows, gas-liquid flows, rheology, vortex, fluid mechanic education, flow phenomena demonstrations, Sediment transport, marine & continental hydrology, wave flow, flood management, tsunami, revitalization of water ecosystems, fish pass, biotechnical engineering, intestinal flow, artificial heart design, geology, climate change, water quality, oil slick, ecological disaster, pollution monitoring, Hydropower plant design and operation, dam design, nuclear reactor design and operation, powerplant efficiency, cooling systems, heating systems, energy transport, cavitation, vortices, energy sink, solar farms energy transfer and many more....