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Environmental Science

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Snow and Avalanche Research

Last updated 2020-04-17 09:59:10

Snow ForkA portable instrument for measuring the properties of snow.
Snow Fork is explicitly designed for field use; it is light, quick and easy to use. It is designed to operate in extreme conditions, ranging from rainy weather to as low as 40 °C below zero.

The sensor is a steel fork used as a microwave resonator. Snow Fork measures the electrical parameters: resonant frequency, attenuation and 3-dB bandwidth. The measuring results are used to calculate accurately the complex dielectric constant of snow. Further, the liquid water content and density of snow are calculated using semi-empirical equations. All data will be shown immediately on the display and can be stored in a solid-state memory.

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Global solar spectrum and total global irradiance

Last updated 2020-04-16 12:28:37

For applications where measurement of the global solar spectrum is a must, the SolarSIM-G sets a new standard for accuracy, affordability and ease of use.
Applications for the SolarSIM-G include solar resource assessment, PV panel development, certification and O&M, agricultural monitoring, UV index measurement, material testing and even multi- and hyper-spectral imaging.
The SolarSIM-G uses low-cost silicon photodiodes and bandpass interference filters to make precise measurements of the solar spectrum in several narrow wavelength bands. While the D2 is configured to measure the direct solar spectrum, Spectrafy’s engineers have optimised the SolarSIM-G’s hardware and software to measure and resolve the complete global solar spectrum and total global irradiance.
The SolarSIM-G can be used in horizontal or tilted applications, thereby making it applicable to all flat-plate solar technologies and installations.

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Solar and atmospheric measurement

Last updated 2020-04-11 06:50:06

The SolarSIM-D2 represents a bold new approach to solar and atmospheric measurement. It uses simple, rugged hardware and ground-breaking software to accurately resolve full-range and custom range DNI, as well as direct solar spectral irradiance, atmospheric AOD, ozone and precipitable water vapour – all in one small, easy-to-deploy, affordable package.
The SolarSIM-D2 enables this huge leap forward in functionality by deploying silicon photodiodes, coupled with hard-coated optical filters to measure the direct solar spectrum in several narrow wavelength bands. The SolarSIM-D2’s proprietary software then uses these measurements to resolve the complete solar spectrum and DNI, in addition to major atmospheric processes, such as air mass, Rayleigh scattering, aerosol optical depth, ozone-layer thickness and precipitable water vapour.